Organization of Research Enterprise


Research is at the core of our mission as a public university. Every day, each one of us is helped by a research breakthrough that UCLA faculty, scientists or students have created or discovered. Eradicating poverty. Eliminating disease. Expanding access to education. Developing new energy sources. At UCLA, we’re not afraid to strive for monumental achievements. In fact, we do it every day.

Our researchers and scholars dream up and conduct the research that drives scientific and technological discovery, explains phenomena about the world in which we live and the universe beyond, and finds ways to express and change our understanding of the world. 

How this important knowledge, expression and discovery is obtained and disseminated varies widely across the campus in terms of methodology, setting and expense. And much of the time this pursuit of knowledge, discovery and expression requires external funding.

The Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research is designed to provide logistical support, policy guidance, strategic advice, and assistance in building relationships in furtherance of the UCLA research enterprise. The subsidiary offices described below help to administer and support research and creative activities conducted at UCLA; to oversee the compliance of campus research with federal, state and university regulations; and to facilitate relations between University researchers and external organizations (funding agencies, charitable foundations, and private industry).

Functions encompassed in the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research include

Vice Chancellor for Research: The Vice Chancellor for Research serves as the Chief Research Officer for the Campus and is charged with stewarding the academic and creative activity enterprise. 

Research Administration: The UCLA Office of Research Administration (ORA) provides operational infrastructure, regulatory assistance, and administrative services in support of UCLA faculty and other members of the campus research community. ORA is the UCLA office of record for research administration activities and data. ORA staff members are the central points of contact for Principal Investigators and staff members seeking guidance with regard to research administration and compliance matters. ORA staff serve as the authorized institutional officials for UCLA in communications with research sponsors and regulatory agencies. Within ORA are a number of functions including Contracts & Grants administration (OGCA)Extramural Fund Management (EFM), support for various safety and compliance committees including research with animals (RSAWA) and human subjects (OHRPP)Research Information Systems (ORIS), and Research Data Management (ORDM).

Technology Development Group: The Technology Development Group (formerly known as the Office of Intellectual Property & Industry Sponsored Research) supports UCLA's research, education and service mission by commercializing intellectual property rights; facilitating collaborations with industry for next-generation scientific breakthroughs; and advancing UCLA entrepreneurship and research while protecting the university’s interests by managing risk and promoting economic growth in California.

Research Enhancement Office: The mission of the Research Enhancement Office is to facilitate the attraction of extramural research funding, create research relationships, and develop and implement strategies that increase institutional competitiveness. Programs and services in this office include UCLA Grand Challenges, the Limited Submission Internal Selection Process, the Research Enhancement Seriesfunding opportunity newsletters and resources, and other activities designed to facilitate collaboration across the academy.

Research Policy & Compliance: The mission of the Research Policy and Compliance department (RPC) is to provide guidance and oversight and to ensure regulatory compliance and overall scientific integrity with the myriad of policies, laws and regulations that govern research. Areas handled by RPC include Conflicts of Interest, Responsible Conduct of Research, Research Misconduct and Export Control Regulations.

Other Safety Compliance Operations: In addition to the various functions encompassed in the above areas, there are a number of faculty committees responsible for developing policy and guidance for the campus research community on a variety of topics related to laboratory safety and research safety. Most of these committees are administratively supported by ORA.