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UCLA's Astounding Library Collections Include Clay Tablets, Maps, Data Sets and Government Documents.

Yes, the highly ranked UCLA Library includes 12 million volumes, nearly a million e-books and 100,000 current serial subscriptions. But the collections also include the clay tablets and scrolls that came before books, and materials in hundreds of languages other than English. Whether on campus or online, the UCLA Library takes the lead in preserving cultural heritage, making knowledge accessible, and building a library of the future. That’s why the Library is a key ingredient in the world-class research, groundbreaking discoveries and innovation for which the university is renowned.

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Publications Housed in eScholarship

Browse Working Papers, Journals and Other Publications From UCLA's Academic and Research Units in eScholarship.

eScholarship is the University of California’s publications repository. It contains full texts for research publications for all disciplines from faculty, researchers and students such as monographs, white papers, and journal articles. 

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