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The Research Concierge Program (RCP) is a new service at UCLA that provides holistic faculty onboarding support by facilitating coordination across all campus entities to streamline the launch of research and creative activities. The Program is designed to connect new faculty efficiently and effectively with all of the groups and systems that they may need in order to begin research and creative activities at UCLA. By identifying the specific needs of each new faculty member before they arrive on campus, we can customize their timeline and experience to ensure that they are fully functioning as quickly as possible.


Research at UCLA includes the endeavors across all academic disciplines that advance our thinking, our technology, our understanding of the world and our own humanity. Our program’s focus is supporting new faculty in initiating their research as quickly and efficiently as possible.

As the number one public university system in the nation and a global center for the advancement of human knowledge, we have a duty to support the advancement of research, which includes eliminating challenges that stand in the way while being fiscally responsible stewards of public funding.


We apply a whole-person approach founded in research conducted on faculty retention and productivity. Once a new faculty member has accepted an appointment offer, a Research Concierge Program Coordinator meets with the new faculty recruit to conduct an initial comprehensive assessment of the new faculty’s research operation, academic goals, physical space needs, grant transitions, technology support, relocation needs, staffing, teaching responsibilities and campus community interests.

Using this information, our team creates an individualized plan that coordinates all elements of their transition with existing organizational systems and services. This plan is managed by the Coordinator who works weekly with the incoming faculty member and all campus partners. This coordinator remains actively engaged until the faculty are fully integrated into the University and research activities are fully operational.

Faculty Spotlight

Lydia Daboussi
Lydia Daboussi, PhD
Assistant Professor, Department of Neurobiology

Dr. Lydia Daboussi joined UCLA in July 2023. For information regarding her research and lab, please visit her website. Welcome, Dr. Daboussi!

Dr. Peng Ni
Peng Ni, PhD
Assistant Professor, Department of Earth, Planetary and Space Sciences

Dr. Peng Ni joined UCLA in January 2023. You can find more information regarding his research on his website. We're excited to work with you, Dr. Ni!

Danielle Schmitt
Danielle Schmitt, PhD
Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

Dr. Danielle Schmitt joined UCLA in July 2022. Details about her research and lab can be found on her website. It was a pleasure working with you, Dr. Schmitt!

What are faculty saying about the Research Concierge Program?

“Having a Research Concierge was TRANFORMATIVE. This had a huge impact on our productivity. No one could believe how quickly we got up and running.”

"This program has been instrumental to getting my lab off the ground and I honestly do not know where I would be without it.”

“Congrats on an AMAZING program. It was amazing for me, and also I have heard good things about it from other junior faculty.”