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Call for Submissions: LABEST Pearl Cohen Scientific Poster Award Competition

On April 28, 2023, Technology Development Group (TDG) Associate Vice Chancellor Amir Naiberg announced this year’s LABEST Pearl Cohen Scientific Poster Award Competition. This is a unique opportunity for researchers to showcase their work to Pharma and Biotech executives, leaders and investors at a virtual poster session. Posters can be submitted through TDG’s application portal. The official poster submission date has been extended to May 4, 2023.

First and second place awards, across the six different research themes, will be announced during the digital Poster Plaza Session. For each poster’s lead presenter, they will receive one free admission to LABEST 2023.

This year’s Los Angeles and Bioscience Ecosystem Summit (LABEST) 2023 will be held at UCLA. This event is intended to promote awareness of the robust life science entrepreneurial ecosystem in Los Angeles and to foster partnerships between UCLA faculty and the biotechnology and life science industry. This event will be held on May 25, 2023. You can find more info at TDG’s LABEST 2023 web page.

For more information about this year’s competition prizes, rules and guidelines, please see the BruinPost.