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Enhancing the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

A key initiative under then-Vice Chancellor Economou was an analysis of the campus entrepreneurial ecosystem and the implementation of changes to support more entrepreneurial activity. Vice Chancellor Economou engaged Anderson School of Management Professor Bill Ouchi to lead this effort. Over a several year period, three Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Reports were generated. A significant takeaway from this initiative was the transition of the governance of technology transfer, industry sponsored research and other entrepreneurial activities to the Technology Development Corporation (TDC), which previously operated as Westwood Technology Transfer and Newco. In addition to this new entity, new campus governance structures were also formed including an Oversight Committee.

Initiation Date

This initiative began in FY12.

Current Status

The transition of governance has been operationalized. Please refer to the Technology Development Group website.  

Other Information

To learn more about the transition, please visit the below links to information related to the Ecosystem Reports & Campus/UC activity.

Ecosystem Reports

Ecosystem for Entrepreneurship (referred to as "Ecosystem I") - published March 10, 2011
UCLA Ecosystem for Entrepreneurship Part II: Transition to a new technology transfer process (referred to as "Ecosystem II") - published October 6, 2011
UCLA Ecosystem for Entrepreneurs, Part III:  "A Strategic Blueprint for Entrepreneurship at UCLA" (referred to as "Ecosystem III") - published March 5, 2014

Selection of Other materials related to the transition

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Daily Bruin article about Westwood Technology Transfer (10/2/2014)
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Vice Chancellor Economou Announces Appointment of the Nomination Committee and Calls for Nominations for Board members (3/12/2014)
Vice Chancellor Economou Announces the Publication of a draft Ecosystem for Entrepreneurs III (3/5/2014)
Vice Chancellor Economou Calls for Nominations for Three Groups Associated with New Governance Structure for OIP-ISR (9/24/2014)
Vice Chancellor Economou Provides Update on New Governance Structure for OIP-ISR (10/8/2013)
Vice Chancellor Economou Shares Update about UCLA Entrepreneurship Ecosystem with Campus (7/16/2013)
Vice Chancellor Economou delivers remarks to the Academic Senate (6/6/2013)
Vice Chancellor Economou delivers Remarks to UC Regents in Support of Establishing an Independent Technology Transfer Board of Directors (5/15/2013)
Vice Chancellor Economou Announces Appointment of New Associate Vice Chancellor for Research & Executive Director of Entrepreneurship Brendan Rauw (3/1/2012)
Vice Chancellor Economou Delivers Remarks to The UC Regents Regarding Entrepreneurship (1/19/2012)