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Diversity Research

During his tenure, Vice Chancellor Economou was focused on advancing diversity in research at UCLA. As one of the leading public research universities in the nation, a key element in the path to achieving excellence and success in research is to provide the support, education and tools to faculty to achieve cutting edge research, performance and creative products. One method of increasing faculty members’ abilities to offer successful solutions to society’s serious issues is through the creation of a transformative research climate that facilitates research on diversity and assessment at the highest level of excellence. There were a few techniques used by the office to foster diversity research which included:

  • A monthly newsletter service featuring diversity research-related funding opportunities and events.
  • Funding diversity research, inequality and cultural awareness transdisciplinary research grants through internal funding mechanisms.
  • A specific funding mechanism in FY14 named the "Research Initiative for Diversity and Equity (RIDE)" to fund research related to the campus climate.  See Spring 2014 RIDE Call for Proposals for more details. 

Initiation Date

The newsletter service was commenced in late 2012. RIDE was initiated in FY14.

Current Status

The newsletter service is part of the office operations. To subscribe to the newsletter service, please visit: The investment in RIDE was a one-time occurrence. 

Funded Research & Projects 

The list of recipients of RIDE funding may be found on the RIDE funding recipients page.  Recipients funded through the Transdisciplinary Seed Grant mechanism may be found on the individual cycle pages.