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RIDE Funding Recipients

Project Title

Project Team

Lead PI Status

Funded Amount

Achievement in Context: An Intervention that Promotes Academic Competence and Success for Latino College Students During the First Year in College

Gerardo Ramirez (Life Sciences--Psychology/ GSE&IS--Education)

Yolanda Vasquez-Salgado



Advancing Campus Identity Diversity

Jerome Rabow (Social Sciences--Sociology)

Lital Slobodsky

Sharlene Golshirazian



Diversity University:  A Symposium on Mobilizing Diversity Research and Advocacy at UCLA

Grace K. Hong (Social Sciences--Asian American Studies/Gender Studies)

Kareem Elzein

Patricia Nguyen



"Do I Belong Here?"  Examining the Experiences of Low-SES Students at an Elite University

Brianna Mae Goodale

H. Wenwen Ni

Dr. Phillip Atiba Goff

Dr. Yuen Huo



Examining Diverse Learning Experiences: Analysis of the UCLA College Senior Survey

Leobardo Estrada  (LSPA--Urban Planning)

Marc Levis-Fitzgerald

Brit Toven-Lindsey



Faculty and Staff Intergroup Dialogue (IGD) Professional Development Pilot Program

Tiffani Garnett (Student Affairs--Bruin Resource Center)

Laura Paulson

Jane Pizzolato



iCount: A Data Quality Campaign for AAPIs at UC

Robert Teranishi (GSE&IS--Education/Social Sciences--Asian American Studies)

Mike Hoa Nguyen

Dolly Nguyen



Improving Campus Climates Through Online Diversity Dialogues

Yen Ling Shek (Student Affairs--Office of Residential Life)

Suzanne Seplow



In Their Own Words:  A Qualitative Understanding of Racial Campus Climate among Ethnic Minority Undergraduates at UCLA

Darnell Hunt (IAC--Bunche Center for African American Studies/Social Sciences--Sociology)

Ana-Christina Ramon



Project SPELL - Technology Curriculum Development

Stephanie Youngblood (External Affairs--UCLA Volunteer Center)

Juliet Falce-Robinson

Jack Powazek



R.I.S.E.: Research Initiatives for Student Empowerment

Patrick Rock (Life Sciences--Psychology)

Zita Dixon

Saeromi Kim

Sandra Graham

Rashmita Mistry

Ivuoma Onyeador

Jenessa Shapiro



Reframing What It Means to be a True Bruin: A Psychological Intervention to Increase Support for Diversity and Inclusion at UCLA

Yuen Huo (Life Sciences--Psychology)

Christopher Begeny

Felix Danbold

Hua Wenwen Ni

Vanessa Zavala



The JANRAH Program

Samarah Blackmon (GSE&IS--Education)

Tyrone Howard



The Social Justice Academy at UCLA:  An Evaluation of Pre-College Diversity Interventions & Community Outreach

Franklin D. Gilliam, Jr. (LSPA)

Marcia V. Fuentes



UCLA BruinCorps

Janina Montero (Student Affairs)

Justyn Patterson

Jody Priselac



Women Engaged in Science, Technology Engineering and Mathematics (WE-STEM)

Andrea M. Kasko (HSSEAS--Bioengineering)