Registration Process for Visiting Undergraduate Students


We welcome undergraduate students from other universities who wish to participate in research or other scholarly opportunities on campus so long as they have a faculty supervisor.  In order to be sure that we have a record of these “undergraduate student visitors,” all such visitors are required to be registered.


The office and process for completing the registration varies depending on the immigration status, and factual circumstances related to the student’s compensation and the payment mechanism being used (as may be determined by the funding source).  Please refer to the sections below to determine the appropriate process:

For International Students including Brazil Scientific Mobility Program (BSMP) participants:

Departments interested in temporarily bringing in undergraduate international students to UCLA for research projects or other creative activities should fill out the Pre-Registration Form for International Visitors.  The section called “Reason for Visit” should be filled out by the faculty mentor and should detail the planned research project.  The home address should be the student’s address in their native country.

The completed form should be faxed to the Undergraduate Research Center – Sciences at (310) 267-2219 or sent as a .pdf file (preferred) to the Center Director Dr. Tama Hasson at

Once approved, if your student needs a J-1 visa, your file will be conveyed to the DashewCenter for International Students & Scholars for initiation of J-1 Non-Degree Student Visa Processing (DS-2019).  Once a Visa is in place for your undergraduate visitor, proceed with the process delineated below to generate a student ID (if needed for payment) and to register the student with the Undergraduate Research Center - Sciences.

Approved BSMP students will have a Continuing Education Unit (CEU) bearing 800-level course created for them with UCLA Extension.

For US Citizens, US Permanent Residents, or International students in possession of a valid J or F visa:

Compensation Received by Student (category & mechanism)

Undergraduate Student Visitor Status at UCLA

Action Required to Complete Registration Process

Paid by UCLA with UCLA or outside agency/company funds for services rendered (employment) via Payroll.



Paid by UCLA with UCLA or outside agency/company funds via stipend (through financial aid office).  Funds intended only to further student's education or research endeavors.

UCLA Program Participant

Complete UID request process shepherded by Division of Undergraduate Education

UID Request - Cover Sheet

UID Request - Student Data Sheet

Paid by Program Outside of UCLA (student paid directly by outside program but expected to participate in activity at UCLA).

Non-UCLA Undergraduate Visitor

Complete process shepherded by Undergraduate Research Center – Sciences.

Non-UCLA Student Undergraduate Visitor Registration Requirements and Instructions

Non-UCLA Student Undergraduate Visitor Form

Evidence of Health Insurance Coverage Form

Office of Insurance and Risk Management (OIRM) Voluntary Waiver (if under 18, please also sign the "Release of Liability, Waiver of Claims, Express Assumption of Risks, and Hold Harmless Agreement" at the bottom

Patent Acknowledgement for Undergraduate Researchers

Student not paid by UCLA or outside agency.

UCLA Registered Volunteer

Contact UCLA Volunteer Services Office to register as a volunteer.


Other Important Information

The above table provides direction about the registration process and it ensures that we have a record of our Undergraduate Student Visitors and their activities, which is important for our insurance and risk management.  Please be advised that each department or unit should have its own process in place for ensuring that the appropriate trainings and internal processes are followed for laboratory safety and/or building access, as applicable.