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Research Infrastructure Taskforce: Members & Subcommittees


Baird-James, Allison Associate Vice Chancellor/Controller
Burke, Jeff Assistant Dean, Technology and Innovation; School of TFT
Coroniti, Ferdinand Prof Physics and Astronomy
Dimock, Colin Assistant Vice Chancellor, Enviornmental Health and Safety
Goodwin, Jeff Executive Director, Division of Laboratory animal Medicine
Havton, Leif Professor in Residence, Neurology
Hendrickson, Peter Associate Vice Chancellor - Design and Construction/Capital Programs
Iruela-Arispe, Luisa Professor, Molecular, Cell, and Developmental Biology
Marks, Victoria Professor, World Arts & Culture
Monbouquette, Hal Professor/Associate Dean Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering
Okino, Mary* CFO/Assistant Dean HSSEAS
Presner, Todd* Professor, Germanic Languages
Roth, Jeff Associate Vice Chancellor, Office of Academic Planning & Budget
Santon, Sue Associate Vice Chancellor Capital Planning & Finance
Schmader, Kelly Assistant Vice Chancellor, Facilities Management
Smale, Steve Distinguished Professor and Vice Dean for Research - DGSOM
Smith, Marcia Associate Vice Chancellor, Office of Research Administration
Snyder, Lisa Program Analyst, Office of IT
Steel, Virginia University Librarian
Von Wachter, Til Associate Professor, Economics
Wakimoto, Roger Vice Chancellor for Research

*Ex-oficio non-voting member


Purpose: This sub-committee will identify suitable Dean, Director, Faculty, and Facility representatives to interview on topics related to research infrastructure as well as perform interviews in appropriate formats (1-on-1, groups, town hall meeting, etc.).It would be especially important to receive feedback from recently recruited faculty. The sub-committee should consider interviewing architects who have designed plans for recent infrastructure projects on campus.


-Colin Dimock
-Leif Havton (lead)
-Victoria Marks
-Susan Santon
-Lisa Snyder
-Virginia Steel

Purpose: This sub-committee will identify suitable universities such as other UC campuses and other public and private institutions with a campus research complexity that is similar to the one at UCLA as well as reach out and obtain information about how a variety of research infrastructure decisions are made on those other campuses. How these projects are financed on other campuses would also be useful information.


-Jeff Burke
-Ferdinand Coroniti
-Jeff Goodwin
-Jeff Roth (lead)
-Til von Wachter

Purpose: This sub-committee will perform an inventory of usable and non-usable space that is presently on the UCLA campus. Aspects of the inventory may include wet vs dry space, location of space, functionality of space, core facilities, major equipment, space access, what unit “owns” the space, safety and health considerations, etc.


-Allison Baird-James
-Hal Monbouquette
-Luisa Iruela-Arispe-
-Kelly Schmader (lead)
-Marcia Smith
-Steve Smale