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Diversity in Research

ORCA Statement of Principles of Diversity in Research

In order for UCLA to remain the leading public research university in the world, we must champion and advance diversity in all aspects of the research enterprise. Diversity in research leads to better outcomes, increases meaningful public impact, fosters innovation, and strengthens participatory democracy. The Office for Research and Creative Activities commits to:

  • invest in research initiatives that advance justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion.
  • build a diverse research ecosystem that includes opportunities for undergraduates, post-baccalaureates, graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, staff, faculty, and community members aimed at integrating underrepresented groups into all aspects of the research enterprise across campus. 
  • foster a set of research priorities, principles, and practices that help to repair harms done to historically-aggrieved communities and support research conducted in collaboration with marginalized communities.
  • advance research initiatives with diverse leadership and create a research base that reflects the peoples of California.
  • diversify the pipeline of academic researchers at every stage of the academic career, from students to postdocs to faculty.  
  • build healthy environments aimed at redressing research inequities and improving the campus climate to allow researchers to thrive at UCLA.
  • advocate at the local, state, national, and international levels for institutions, agencies, organizations, and individuals to invest in programs that foster diversity in research and counter inequities. 

While not exhaustive, these principles affirm the commitment of UCLA’s Office for Research and Creative Activities to supporting diversity in research as well as acknowledge the importance of diversity in research for all institutions, especially public research universities.