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Big Data at UCLA

Big Data is an emerging pillar of modern scientific discovery, involving the use of extremely large and complex datasets, requiring new and/or non-traditional methods for data collection, storage, analysis, curation, transfer, visualization, querying, and protection.  The Big Data arena is having an extraordinary impact on research activities worldwide, in fields as diverse as social sciences, arts and architecture, physical sciences, health sciences, and engineering.  Many of these research activities have the potential for solving important and challenging problems that can have profound benefits for society.

UCLA researchers are engaged in a range of activities that involve and contribute to the Big Data arena, with myriad applications in arts, architecture, humanities, social sciences, engineering, physical and life sciences, information sciences, and health sciences. This portal provides an overview of these activities, indicated in the links below.

As a means of fostering the development of this important research area at UCLA, during 2016-17 the OVCR has initiated a Transdisciplinary Seed Grant (TSG) program with an emphasis on collaborative research relevant to Big Data.  The initiative is designed to “seed” and support new lines of research and new interdisciplinary collaborations at UCLA that involve the use of extremely large and complex datasets. SIGN UP TO RECEIVE INFORMATION & UPDATES RELATED TO BIG DATA AT UCLA.


Information On The Big Data Transdisciplinary Seed Grant (TSG) Opportunity For Funding In 2017-18:

View the Big Data TSG Call for Proposals and more on the FY17 Transdisciplinary Seed Grant webpage. Please note that the 2017 cycle is closed.


Tools and Resources/Databases For UCLA Researches

Research Tools and Training/Workshops

Large Scale Databases

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Big Data -  Related Events


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Entities and Programs Engaged In Big Data Research At UCLA

Below is a selection of entities and programs engaged in Big Data-related research at UCLA.

If your research involves or is impacted by Big Data and is not listed here, please contact




Adaptive Systems Laboratory Institute for Pure and Applied Mathematics
Algorithmic Research in Network Information Flow Jalali’s Photonic Laboratory
Decisions, Operations & Technology Management Program Junction of Statistics and Biology
Automated Reasoning Group Laboratory for Robust Information Systems
Big Data and Complex Networks Group Machine Learning Lab
Bioinformatics IDP Medical Imaging Informatics
Bionics Laboratory Named Data Networking
Brain Research Institute Networked and Embedded Systems Laboratory
BRITE Center for Science, Research & Policy Plasma Science and Technology Institute
California Center for Population Research
  Precision Health Program
California Center for Sustainable Communities at UCLA
  Scalable Analytics Institute
Center for Biological Physics Smart Grid Energy Research Center
Center for Development of Emerging Data Storage Social Dynamics
Center for Domain Specific Computing Southern California Earthquake Center
Center for Encrypted Functionalities Space Physics Center (within the Institute of Geophysics and Planetary Physics)
Center for Engineering Economics, Learning and Networks         
  Speech Processing and Auditory Perception Laboratory
Center for Knowledge Infrastructures  Statistical Genetics at UCLA
Center for Information and Computation Security Studio of Bio-Data Refining and Dimension Reduction
Center for SMART Health (an initiative of the Garrick Institute 
for the Risk Sciences
Systems, Dynamics and Controls
Center for Vision, Cognition, Learning and Autonomy
  Tracking of bacterial communities at single cell resolution, Wong Research Lab
Center of Statistical Research for Computational Biology UCLA Center for Digital Behavior
Clean Energy Smart Manufacturing Institute
  UCLA Vision Laboratory
Computational Population Genetics @ UCLA (Bogdan Lab)
  University of California Institute for Prediction Technology
Data Science and Decisions Lab
  Wireless Health Institute
DGIT | Digital Technology X-ware Systems Reliability & Resilience Laboratory (an initiative of the Garrick Institute for the Risk Sciences)
Digital Humanities
  ZarLab - Computational Genomics Group
Garrick Institute for the Risk Sciences  
Institute for Quantitative and Computational Biosciences  
Institute for Digital Research and Education (IDRE)  
Information Theory and Systems Laboratory  
Internet Research Lab