Our Team

UCLA NAGPRA Advisory Committee

By 1993, the UCLA NAGPRA Advisory Committee was created to ensure the repatriation of human remains at UCLA to the proper tribes. The committee included representatives from multiple academic disciplines, faculty, staff, and students as well as members of off-campus Native American communities. The committee was charged with providing the Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor recommendations on policy and procedures, decisions regarding cultural affiliation or dispositions, and overall implementation of NAGPRA. 

In September 2018, California passed legislation that outlines the composition of the UC and UC campus committees. UCLA will reconstitute the NAGPRA Advisory Committee to meet the new requirements once committee members are approved by the Native American Heritage Commission.

Current Members (effective July 1, 2021)

  • Heather Daly
  • Kimberly Johnson
  • Kathleen Marshall
  • Charmaine McDarment
  • Justin Richland
  • Angela Riley


Repatriation Project Staff

Wendy Teeter

Repatriation Coordinator, Senior Curator of Archaeology, AIS lecturer

Email: wteeter@arts.ucla.edu

Dr. Wendy G Teeter is the Senior Curator of Archaeology for the Fowler Museum, UCLA Repatriation Coordinator, and teaches periodically for UCLA American Indian Studies. She is a Co-PI on two community based digital projects, Mapping  Indigenous Los Angeles (2015) and Carrying our Ancestors Home (2019) and co-director of the Pimu Catalina Island Archaeology Project (2007). She serves on several boards and committees including the UC President’s Native American Advisory Council, the Indigenous Archaeology Collective, Chair of the Society for California Archaeology Curation Committee and as a founder and advisory board member for the UCLA Tribal Learning Community & Educational Exchange Program.


Miztlayolxochitl Aguilera

CalNAGPRA Repatriation Assistant

Miztlayolxochitl Aguilera (Tongva & Mexica) is the repatriation assistant working to facilitate CalNAGPRA consultations. She is a graduate of California State University, Puvungna (Long Beach) with a degree in Chicano and Latino Studies, as well as a certificate in American Indian and Indigenous Studies. Miztlayolxochitl is a paddler with the Ti’at Society: Traditional Council of Pimu and an advocate for the revitalization of Tongva maritime culture and language. Her passion for the repatriation of ancestors developed from her participation in the 2016 repatriation and reburial of Tongva ancestors.


Isabell Villasana

International Repatriation Assistant

Isabell Villasana received her Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology with a minor in Global Health from UC San Diego; following the completion of her Master of Arts in Anthropology from UC Berkeley, she joined the Fowler Museum at UCLA as a Repatriations Assistant. Drawing on her training in California community collaborative archaeology and archaeobotanical analysis, she works with domestic and international communities and governments to facilitate the return of ancestors and belongings. Her key duties include return coordination, provenance research, and repatriation policy implementation.