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Faculty Research Lecture

Nomination Guidelines

Nominated and selected by peers, the distinguished recipients of the Faculty Research Lecture awards are exemplary of UCLA’s commitment to research excellence. The lecture format of this honor provides the recipients a platform to share their scholarship broadly with faculty, students, and the UCLA community and is a recognition of the importance of the wide dissemination of knowledge generated by UCLA faculty.

Previously administered by the Academic Senate, the Faculty Research Lecture is now a program of the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research & Creative Activities (ORCA).

Full Nomination Guidelines

Past Recipients

Image of 135th Faculty Research Lecturer Dana Cuff

2024 (Spring)
Dana Cuff

Architecture’s Promise: Designing Equitable Futures

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Daniel Geschwind

2024 (Spring)
Daniel Geschwind

The DNA of Discovery: How Genetics Has Transformed our Understanding of Complex Brain Disorders
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