Public Impact Research Awards


UPDATE: This program is being reopened for additional nominations. Nominations for this program were initially solicited in Spring 2020 as part of UCLA’s Centennial Celebration. Due to the pandemic, the program was put on hold temporarily and awardees were not selected. In light of the pandemic and the pressing conversations around racial and social justice, it is likely that, since the initial nominations were solicited, there is vital work that has taken place that is worthy of recognition. Thus, the program is being reopened for additional nominations.

Additional nominations, as well as updates to previously submitted nominations, are due by April 30, 2021. 


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  • Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research & Creative Activities
  • Centennial Celebration

Purpose of the Award

In honor of UCLA’s Centennial Celebration, 2019-2020, the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research establishes a new award to recognize Senate faculty whose research or other creative work has had a significant beneficial public impact, where such benefit has been achieved in part through the efforts of those same faculty to bring their creative activity into the public arena. For this purpose, the term “public impact” is defined broadly to include scientific, social, cultural, artistic, political and other forms of public benefit that may be local, national or global.

Award Details

Four awards annually in the amount of $10,000 each. There will be two awards for faculty from North Campus and two awards for faculty from South Campus

Rationale for Establishing the Award

  1. These awards are intended to demonstrate that the university recognizes and values the extra effort required to translate or transfer specific research findings into public benefit.
  2. The awards provide a platform for UCLA to highlight and publicize the ways in which our local, state, national, and global communities are benefitting from UCLA research. This goal is consistent with UCLA’s mission statement which is the “creation, dissemination, preservation and application of knowledge for the betterment of our global society.”


All members of the Academic Senate of any rank are eligible. (See Academic Senate membership: UC Regents Standing Order 105.1.)

Nominations may be for individuals or teams.

A nomination may be made by any member of the campus community.

Nomination Materials to be Submitted by the Nominator

The completed online nomination should include the following materials uploaded each as separate PDF files (See below for submission instructions):

  1. Letter of nomination from the nominator (no more than 2 page). This letter should describe how the nominee/team’s research or creative activity translated into public benefit and the nominee/team’s contribution to that translation.
  2. Personal statement of the nominee/project lead – no more than one page.
  3. CV of the nominee
  4. Biosketches of other team members (optional but grouped into single PDF file)
  5. Support letter from a member of the public/community who benefitted from the nominee/team’s contribution.
  6. Optional: Additional materials for the review committee to consider such as news articles and other publications in external lay media regarding the research/creative activity.

Submission Instructions

To Submit a New Nomination (Due April 30, 2021)

  • If you would like to submit a new nomination for this program, please be prepared to submit the materials outlined above through our online application portal.

To Update A Previous Nomination (Due April 30, 2021)

  • If you would like to update any/all of the materials for a previously submitted nomination, please send revised versions to Kathleen Sprunger at [email protected]. The new document(s) will be substituted into the application.


We encourage the campus community to provide feedback about the award and the process. We expect to refine the process and criteria over the first few years. Please send feedback to [email protected].


For questions regarding the program and the submission of a new or updated nomination, please contact Kathleen Sprunger at [email protected]