Special Call for Binational Collaborative Projects addressing COVID-19 (Alianza UCMX and UNAM)

The information below is from the 2020 request for proposals, following the start of the COVID-19 pandemic in America. Please see the opportunity website for updated information.

InnovaUNAM of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) and Alianza UCMX of the University of California (UC) in collaboration with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Mexico, announce Special Call for Binational Collaborative Projects addressing COVID-19.


  • To support UNAM-UC collaborative innovation, product development, and applied research that aims to mitigate the health, social, and economic impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.


Include, but are not limited to, the following areas:

  • Biomedical: Diagnostic tests; Screening protocols; Treatment and Preventative Technologies
  • Health Systems: Tools for healthcare providers; Platforms; Market analysis; Tools for remote screening, interviewing, hiring and capacity-building; Mathematical/Epidemiological predictive models; Development of medical appliances or replacement parts (such as 3D prints for ventilators)
  • Social and Economic Consequences of the Pandemic: Tools to mitigate the social and economic impact; Electronic platforms to enable telecommuting; Social entrepreneurship programs 

Please see RFP for more details on the areas of priority. 


  • Applications will be accepted in English or in Spanish and can only be submitted via the online portal

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Award Amount and Details

Award Details
  • First Stage: Up to $5,000 USD to fund activities through UC and up to the equivalent of $5,000 USD in Mexican pesos to fund activities through the UNAM, to create a total maximum budget per project of $10,000 USD. The project will have a maximum duration of 6 months in its first stage. At the end of this period, the team must present a final report and a budget report detailing the expenses for each institution. Funding will be subject to budget constraints at each University.
  • Second Stage: Teams funded in the first round may request a second tranche of funding up to $25,000 USD to continue their work. Details of the second stage application process are forthcoming, and funding will be subject to budget constraints at each University.

Projects will be funded on a rolling basis subject to availability of funds. Funds are limited. 

Expenses that will NOT be funded include:

  • Indirect institutional costs and expenses (overhead costs)
  • Salaries for any university employees, with the exception of students
  • Purchase of equipment that exceeds $2,000 USD (for all equipment; $2,000 maximum for the UC budget and $2,000 maximum for the UNAM budget)
  • Advertising

Deadlines and Date Information

Due Date

The due date listed below is the most recent due date our office is aware of. Please see the opportunity home page for information about potential upcoming deadlines or other opportunities. 

Proposals will be accepted immediately following publication of the RFP up until May 30, 2020 at 6:00 p.m. PT

Eligibility Information

Who's Eligible
Academic appointees
Members of the Academic Senate
Postdoctoral Scholars
Staff members
Eligibility Details
  • Any active members of the UC or UNAM communities (faculty, students, staff, visiting scholars, fellows, etc.) may submit a proposal for consideration.
  • Any submission from someone other than a member of the faculty (students for example) must identify a faculty mentor from their institution who will act as both research mentor and fiscal sponsor (managing the research funds). If this is the case, applicants must provide a letter of support from the faculty mentor.
  • All final submissions must also identify (and include a letter of support from) a collaborator from the other university (from UC for UNAM proposals and from UNAM for UC proposals). If the collaborator will receive any funding and they are not a member of the faculty they will also need to identify a faculty mentor.
  • If an investigator has not been able to identify a collaborator, then they may submit a preliminary proposal and Alianza UCMX and/or UNAM will endeavor to make suggestions regarding possible collaborators.
Information Source
Information identified by Office of Research & Creative Activities staff

Administering Unit
Alianza UCMX
Funding Type
December 02, 2022
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