Streamlining Internal Funding Opportunities

When Vice Chancellor Wakimoto began in his position, he engaged in listening tours to understand needs and concerns of various Schools and departments. One topic that surfaced in his discussions was that there seemed to be an opportunity for more coordination and communication about internal funding mechanisms. As a result of this information, he convened a team of campus stakeholders to discuss the practices and opportunities. A portal featuring various internal funding mechanisms (at UCLA, UCOP and other UCs which are open to UCLA community members) is now online at: The portal includes an interface to enable campus constituents to submit opportunities for posting. A student worker in the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research continues to update the portal as new opportunities come online.

Initiation Date

This initiative began in FY18.

Current Status

Implemented and maintained as a living database. See

Background & Approach

A number of campus units and departments have funding to seed or foster research or collaborations. Each of these funding mechanisms has its own eligibility criteria, application process and means by which the opportunity is disseminated. In the interest of increasing transparency, reducing redundancy, and fostering the sharing of best practices Vice Chancellor Wakimoto convened a workgroup to discuss internal funding mechanisms. As a first step this workgroup designed and launched a portal for featuring internal funding mechanisms.

In the future, the workgroup may seek to identify and feature best practices.

Workgroup members

  • Michelle Popowitz - Chair
  • Dion Baybridge
  • Robin Faria
  • Elizabeth Feller
  • Laurel Grzesik
  • Anne Skinner